Sunday, January 6, 2008

Be yourself

An old friend had come home for lunch.

'Leave your child alone a lot,' he advised me.

'Talk to him less.
Let him become aware of the inner space.
He will enjoy it, trust me.

Don't bother about his education.
Let him learn things by himself.
He will make it, trust me.

Don't force feed him,
Let his stomach decide how much food it wants to digest.
He will grow, trust me.

Remember you are you.
Let him see you as you, not just his mother.
He will still love you, trust me.'


Raju urf Rajashree :-) said...

That's very beautiful.

But you remember what 'Trust Me' means in Polish don't you? :-)

kalpana said...

Manju, I remember feeling really depressed on failing to teach you the alphabets. You were five years old then. And then I said to myself, "Look Kalpana, when she turns sixteen, she wont be an illiterate, come what may!". And THAT gave me a perspective!

Grasshopper said...


I must ask my freind if he has ever been to Poland.