Saturday, December 19, 2009

cloud of cotton

is a simile for the writers block.

In the creative writing class today, I said that the writers block, in fact, is something to be worshiped rather than feared.

'Why?' asked the once burnt student, someone who has really faced the goddess.

because, I said, the writers block is the womb of all that is written. It is the source of inspiration.

just like cotton is the mother of thread, a writers block is the space where words are so pure that they don't even have an identity yet.

before a word became thread, it was shapeless, like a cloud of cotton.

but it was.

it existed.

if only

we could give up

our clothes and float


clouds of cotton.

if you don't get this, don't worry. enjoy this song.


Jean said...

Yes, it was a beautiful thought that you shared yesterday, and though I do not understand it fully yet, I hope someday I will be able to appreciate it.
Thanks a lot for a wonderful session! Looking forward to the next!

Atmapreeta said...

I don't understand it either, Jean. All I know is that I am falling more and more in love with Ma Kali (the goddess called darkness).

The session was quite interesting, wasn't it? Looking forward to meeting you again next Saturday.

Anonymous said...


Nirali said...

This is one of the best blog posts I have read in a while. Thanks for putting it so beautifully. Letting oneself be taken away, someplace, somewhere, unknown, by the Goddess of mystery!

Atmapreeta said...

Thanks, Nirali,

hum to bhai likhte rehete hai, jo khuda likhwata hai.

shukar hai aapko kumsekum ek post pasand ayi.

Dear JackStarnes,

Thanks for your comment too.

And, in case anyone can read Chinese, or Japanese, or whatever this language is, please don't mind in case I have approved a comment with unprintable words. :)

I was simply too kicked to get a foreign language comment on my blog.

Baloo said...

I got a JackStarnes comment on my blog, too. It's at
I'm pretty sure it's Chinese, as Japanese always includes katakana and/or hirangana. Anyhow, if you click on his comment, you go to dubious places.

Manjula said...

Hey I just missed it :-( I was looking out for something similar to sharpen my wits.. I would like to attend this session whenever it is conducted the next time. Do let me know, please..!

Shyamal Karmakar said...

When you achieve the touch stone that ends the need of any need in you...Ma Tara Tara...

Pundan Singh said...

I will suggest if you can do google translation from chinese to english for Jack Starnes comment.
Dear Atma,
Please dont approve comments if you are unable to read the language. Crosscheck in google.

Rajashree said...

So beautiful, Mangutai!