Friday, January 22, 2010

My boy is no 1

After all these years of 'learn for fun, and We don't care for your rank' ideology that I seriously believed in, when my son came first in the science exhibition at school, I had tears in my eyes.

He made a temple with thermo-col in which the Lord Ganesh has a light and a fan that can be switched on and off! It took us three days of experimentation, four lights, four batteries, five sheets of thermo-col, a switch and a motor to finally arrive at the temple.

The execution was done mostly by Thomas Uncle, but the idea and the force behind the endeavor was Pavdu's! I am so proud of him!



Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. Thank you darling and wonderful blog, I will be back regularly.

Atmapreeta / Manjushree Abhinav said...
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Rajashree said...

Congrats, Manju and Prayas!

Congrats, Pavan!

Lots of love,
Latu Maushi

navjyoti said...

Good ol' Pavan. I am so happy. :-)