Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Born to lead

'Ai, what all did you do in the gym today?' my ten year old boy asks me as we are having dinner.

'I just warmed up, then cycled, and then walked on the treadmill, that's it.'

'What? You didn't do the stepper?'
Pavan had come to the gym when we joined a few days ago, and was told that he is too young to join. But his fascination for the gadgets continues.

'I was too tired, Kiddo.'

'You should have done it at least for five minutes, no?'

'I was all alone, and hungry and missing you, so I just came home.'

'Can I come with you to the gym tomorrow?'


'To make sure you do all that you are supposed to.'

'And who will do your homework?'

'I will come back from playing by six, finish my homework by seven, then come to the gym with you. Please Ai? We can come back by eight and we even have time for a chess game with dinner!'