Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two songs, related thus

I call my father, he lives in Nagour, in an old age home.
'hello Baba.'
'hello mantu.'
'wo garmi ki raat,
woh jade ki baat,
woh paani ka matka, rasoi ki aag...
sab satata hai muje, ghar yaad ata hai mujhe'
Ghar yaad ata hai mujhe. ho ooo, ghar yaad...

i am misty, choking.....

'why are you crying, mantu?' he asks.
'i miss you.'
'what do you miss?' he asks, hard of hearing.
'i miss you, baba. ' i say.

'Listen to the song, baba. u will know why i am crying.'
,so i play it on you tube, holding the phone near the screen.


'lovely song, mantu. so this is your favourite song these days?' he asks.
'yes, i listen to this seventy times a day.' we laugh.
'what is your favourite song baba?
after a pause,
he says,
'lagta nahin jee mera ujade dayaar mein'

'Ok, wait . I will find it on youtube and play it to you.' I say.


After the song, Baba says, 'thank you mantu, thank you...'
'its such a sad song, baba'...
and baba starts howling. 'no baba, dont cry....baba....ok, cry it out, its ok to cry....its good to cry....baba...(please dont cry )....good to cry, ....

'you know who wrote this song?' he asks me.
'no. who?'
the last emperor of india. bahadur shah jafar. in his last days, he was captured and taken to burma. during his imprisonment, he wrote this song.'
'oh. so thats why he says, i didnt get two feet to lie in my coffin ?'
baba starts crying again.
'its ok baba, its ok....you are my baby...'
'thankyou mantu. for the song, and for letting me cry.'
'dont have to thank me, baba. thats what family is for isn't it? for someone to cry with?
'yes mantu.'
'anytime u want to hear this song, or any other song, call. ok?
'ok mantu.'
'goodnight baba'
'goodnight mantu. love u.'


abhilash warrier said...

Very good imagery. Love the narration.

tina paul said...

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