Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Problem with reading non-fiction

The problem with reading non-fiction is a complete lack of continuity. During the last few years, I have switched from reading gripping fiction to haphazard stuff and in the process, have forgotten how to read a book cover to cover.

I realized this when I recently read a novel, one that I had already read an year ago, 'The First Time', by Joy Feilding. My sister had come down for the weekend and I was shamelessly immersed in the book. Whenever she yelled at me for not paying attention to what she was saying, I would first note the page number, then close the book. And, just as I closed the book, I would realize that I have forgotten the goddamn page number. Then I would open the book again and try to get back my page.

My sister would yell louder and we would have another row during which I would be thinking of the story in the book. However, reading is our religion and my sister would understand how, sometimes, you really cant leave a novel.

Finally my sister gave me a bookmark. Not a receipt, nor a torn piece of paper, an exclusive, designer bookmark.

Next blog: Book reveiw of Joy Feildings novel.

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