Monday, April 7, 2008

Chinese Magician

Chinese magic. Without the Chinese.


  • Seven year old who can speak, 'Oink poink, shink pank!' confidently.
  • Audience with sense of humor.
  • You.


  1. Blindfold seven year old brat. Hold him (/her) in your lap.
  2. Ask someone from the audience to hold any object in front of the blindfolded brat.
  3. Ask the brat to tell you what the object is in Chinese.
  4. 'Oink poink, shink pank!' the brat will announce.
  5. 'The magician tells me that the lady is holding an orange handkerchief in her hand, in Chinese.' you announce.
  6. Remove the blindfold. See how happy and surprised your Chinese Magician feels when he sees the orange handkerchief.


Banno said...

Can I borrow your 7 year old brat?

Grasshopper said...