Friday, April 11, 2008

Musical revealations

The short film making workshop that I am conducting had the music class today. The objective was to sensitize ourselves to the different emotions and layers that a piece of music can evoke.
Dahivat Shukla, the music teacher, played for us a number from his collections. He then asked each one of the participants for their response.

This is what they said.

Uttara: I felt as if someone with a great aura has entered the room. Someone special, and he has a strong sense of self.

Ashfaq: I felt that this person was complaining big time.

Nirali: I sensed a strong sense of detachment.

At this Dahivat smiled at me. I smiled back, saying, 'She is my friend.'

Raju: This person has risen above a lot of hardships in life. And their is an anger, raudra bhav.

Me: I saw a wild jungle, an unsafe environment. And yes, a strength.

Dahivat stood up ( for effect), and told us, 'All of you are spot on. What I just played was a piece by Salif Keita.
The name of the album is soro, the song is sanni kegniba.
Let me tell you his life story. He was born a prince, in an African jungle. He grew up playing and enjoying music. When it was time for him to become the King, the elders said, Beta, now you have to give up your musical habits.
Salif said sorry. No deal.
Elders said we are also sorry. Its either music or the kingship.
And Salif went to America, and fought against all odds, and became a star.
And from what I have heard, when Salif goes on stage to perform, he stands still, closes his eyes, joins his hands and sings.
So yes, he probably has an aura, he is justified in complaining, at having been ostracized from his community, and he needs that detachment to be able to rise to great heights.'

And he misses the jungle, I wanted to add.


Banno said...

Is Salif's music available easily? Will check.

Grasshopper said...

I have given the link, from where you can find his music.
He does have a lot of videos on youtube.