Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guru is a principle

It is not for us to judge a Guru, such a provision never exists.
And Guru will remain a Guru, no matter what he does.
The conditional, negotiable, intellectual faith cannot lead one to unconditional, non-negotiable, unthinkable Truth.
Present concerns are conditional, negotiable, intellectual.
My advise is that you give up judging; it's a shame devotees and disciples are shying away.
Guru remains what he is irrespective of anything; mind you that's the only kind of faith that can lead us anywhere. Rest is conditional and doomed to the finite.
Guru is a principle, not a human being.
We don't revere Guru as a person, we revere Him as a Higher Divine Principle, why judge him then like a mortal? Jai Guru!

so said a mail in my inbox today. Thank you. Thank you for resonating with my deepest feelings, for articulating my thoughts.

In other words, Once you have looked into the eyes of a master, once you have recognized that you are a seeker, YOUR HEAD IS IN THE TIGERS MOUTH. - Ramana Maharishi


Radhika said...

I agree with you Manju ma! :)

Udaysree said...

my heart is singing... :)

ClinonJButler said...

Guru is in the heart of every being,there is no need to look outside,the satguru that is at the core of our hearts will take us there ,Blessings.