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One day the great saint Gorakhnath thought that he was greater than his Guru. He contracted this feeling due to the influence of pride. But his Guru Matsyendranath immediately saw through the disciple's affliction.

He called the disciple to his side and said: “My dear Gorakhnath, I intend to leave the external world and take recourse to the habitation within for some time - please guard gross body. Thus saying he left the body. Gorakhnath looked after his Master's body thereafter.

As time passed, one day Gorakhnath heard that Matsyendranath has become a bhogi and he is revelling in sensual pleasures with beautiful women, arranging by day and night various sports, song and music. It was said he has fallen from his high state and sunk in the ocean of pleasures. Hearing this Gorakhnath became extremely angry: " He told me I am retiring within, has he forgotten that? Lost in senses...what a pity!"

Gorakhnath immediately reflected; it would be best for his Guru to return to Yogashram and give up the lowly attachment. Or else he was sure to be insinuated and condemned in the saintly society.

Forthwith he left for Simhaldweep where his Guru was. It was a clandestine visit and he could not have gotten there without some skill in singing or music. " I know how to play tabla" said he and entered the assembly.

He saw his Gurudev revelling in the midst of song and music. Gorakhnath too began to play on the tabla: " JAAG MACCHINDAR GORAKH AYAA, JAAG MACCHINDAR GORAKH AYAA..." he sang.

Guru heard this and turned to him: " Gorakhnath how come you are here?" The disciple replied, " Master you had promised to stay in the domain of the soul for some time. Now, what rest do I see here ? What a sadhana indeed !"

Gurudev realised that the disciple's pride had not yet been subdued .Gorakhnath did not know that the high Yogis can assume many bodies. Matsyendranath said: " Gorakh why do you talk like this ?" Gorakhnath said: " Enough Gurudeva, enough of this! People are saying to me, you are sitting here perfecting yoga while your Guru is enjoying Rajbhog in Simhaldweep. I have had to hear many insulting things indeed."

At this Matsyendranath thought for a while and said, " Allright, let's return to Yogashram." Gorakhnath's pride swelled further, in thinking that he was instrumental in conducting the Guru back to Hermitage. They set out to go, but when Gorakhnath turned back he did not see his Gurudeva. His Jholi and Chimta were very much there, but Matsyendranath had disappeared. Gorakhnath thought this had to be - Gurudeva had probably disappeared from a sense of severe embarassment.

He called a Gurubhai to his side and said: " Wake up and look for Gurudeva. He has gone far away. Make haste. Look for him."

Gurubhai was astounded, " Nathji, what has happened to you? Don't you know that Sri Guru Matsyendranathji has quit the external world immediately after the Godavari Kumbh, and is now immersed in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. If you want, you can instantly go to Bhramara cave and get glimpse of his Murti."

Gorakhnath was shocked to hear this: " What's happened to me today? Am I dreaming ? " he murmured.

Gurubhai reassured him: " This is not a dream. It's the Krupa of Guru Maharaj. You were full of pride concerning performance of great austerities, and you thought you were greater in the skill of Yoga than Sri Matsyendranath himself. To destroy this pride Gurudev worked this illusion. This Maya will be widely known as MAYA MACCHINDAR.

This then is MAYA MACCHINDAR, it needs hardly be added that Gorakhnath, his pride fully subdued, sought the dust of his Guru's feet.


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