Sunday, June 6, 2010

beauty can be bought, but...

During my recent trip to Tibet, (read Dharamshala), as I am walking down a road, I pause in front of this beautiful statue. From fingertip to forehead to posture, happiness radiating.

'Manjushree!' greets the Tibetan shopkeeper, smiling.

'Hello.' I reply, flattered that someone remembers me by name, after more than ten years of my last visit.

'Saint Manjushree!' he says again, approvingly. 'Very auspicious.'

'Oh yes. This is the Tibetan saint, Manjushree, right?'

'Yes, Maam.'

'And so beautiful. I cant take my eyes off it. My name is also Manjushree,' I tell him.

'You also, very beautiful, Manjushree maam.'

'Thanks.' I mumble, and walk on.

'Special price for you, Manjushree maam!' he shouts.

'I know. But who will I buy me from?' I ask.