Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Satsang Answering Machine

The Answering Machine Of Different Enlightened Masters

Nisargadatta Maharaj

‘Hi! This is Maharaj. I am not home right now. But in reality, I have never left. I have been here before you called and will be here after you hang up.’

Ramesh Balsekar

‘Hello! This body-mind organism known as Ramesh is not available right now. Looks like that is your destiny. If it is God’s will, your call will be answered.’

Ramana Maharshi

‘My dear! I don’t know who is calling. But if I were you, I would ask myself –

Who am I? Once you find the answer, you won’t need to call me again.’

Zen Master

‘Sitting silently, doing nothing, the phone rings, and the answering machine starts by itself.’

Gautama the Buddha

‘Life is suffering. To call someone is suffering. When the person is not there, there’s more suffering. You leave a message he doesn’t reply answer your call so there’s even more suffering. Remember! Life is suffering.’


(His answering machine detects wrong numbers automatically.) ‘My beloved! Although I am omnipresent, I am not available right now. And by the way, you have dialed a wrong number. But no problem… Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening is for the good and whatever will happen, will happen for the good. Why are you crying since you lost only one rupee? Whatever number you dialled, you dialled it right here. The number, which is mine today, belonged to someone else yesterday and will be someone else’s number tomorrow. CHANGE in the telephone number is the eternal rule of the Indian telephone exchange. So don’t worry about the result and just do you karma. Dial the right number.’


Navjyoti. said...

Bloody awesome!

Raksha said...

Funny :)

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