Friday, August 6, 2010

creative writing workshop in Tiruvannamalai

A creative writing workshop in Tiru.....I hear the Mountain calling me, so softly calling me....

Soulpen: The fulfillment in writing.

Ever since Arunachala was created, God has not tired of singing and writing his praises. He kept me away from the Mountain long enough for the unbearable yearning to pour out into a book. The yearning did not lessen, but I stopped feeling like a miserable fool. Now I am a happy fool.

Writing can be a sadhana. Dreams are fulfilled, nightmares are faced. The madness within gets leveled out, somehow. On a piece of paper.

All you need is to catch the illusive thread from your bundle of thoughts and keep puling gently. Untangling that bundle can be a delicate, at times painful, but ultimately fulfilling creative process.

Anyone can write. Mostly, the glimpses of the muse are short and sweet: She comes visiting, she leaves a line and takes back the novel. Is there a way to keep Her next to you?

The purpose of this workshop will be for all the participants to write a short story. And to fuel the love of writing towards a natural and intense discipline of sitting with a pen and paper.

Schedule: 21 st August, 10 am to 6 pm, Rani's Garden in Tiruvannamalai. For those who dont know where is Rani's Garden, any auto driver worth his salt knows where it is.)

Fees: This workshop is on donation. You can put your money in envelopes.

Eligibility: Preferably over 16 yrs old and a love for writing or reading or both.

Call : 917708748148 (Anja in Tiru) or 09945192862 (Manju in Bangalore) or mail

Author's profile : I am a recently published novelist of A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage. I am also a film maker. I was trained at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune in Film Editing. I have made several documentary films, and taught the various aspects of film making at NID (National Institute of Design), Ahemedabad and also at the FTII.

I have conducted several creative writing workshops at the Srishti School of Art and Design and Times of India : Nalanda group, Bangalore . I write for the creative outlet, deep fulfillment and clarity of mind that sometimes comes as a gift with a good session of writing. I blog at

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