Wednesday, August 4, 2010

there is no connection between anybody

'What do you think of Jesus Christ, Sir?' a lady asked Patriji, founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. We had gone their for a school trip yesterday.

'A great master. Among thousands of great masters.'

'Which masters are you connected to, Sir?'

'I am not connected to any master. I learn from many masters, but I am not connected to any master. All this talk of connection is for the buffoons. There is no such thing as connection, between anybody.

We are all equally divine.

After a child is born, is it connected to its mother? No.

We learn from each other. But we are not connected to each other.

And we learn from the wise. Not from the buffoons. Buffoons are fun, and fun is required too. But we should not make the mistake of trying to learn from the buffoons.'

'What about religion, Sir?' the lady asked him.

'Religion is also for buffoons. Have you seen the Pope? His dress? He is a buffoon!

There is no need to worship anybody. What is needed is to serve. If you love someone, you have to serve them, take care of them. If you love nature, keep it clean. A mountain, a tulsi plant does not benefit from being worshiped. If you love a plant, you give it water.'

He then broke into a Kabir song, and the beauty of it was that he sung it bit by bit, and we all sung with him.
'Dukh me sumiran sab kare, sukh me karen na koi. Jo sukh me sumiran kare, to dukh kahe ko hoi'

(We go inwards when we are unhappy. If we go in when we are happy, why will unhappy come?')

After his song, the school sang the silence song, a kannada song and some sanskrit shlokas.

He got up from the dining table, asked us to sit on the floor and plonked himself on the edge of wall.

'We will meditate on the breath for ten minutes! Close your eyes, fold your hands, and feel your breath.'

And then Patriji played a flute, to the tunes of which, my tears flowed.


Vikram Madan said...

The author did not define what he means by "connection", or lack of a "connection".

Manjushree Abhinav / Atmapreeta said...

A connection is needed when we feel alone, separate and insufficient, isn't it?
Patriji, if you read up from his website, is of the opinion that we are all masters, and should behave like such.
'Welcome to all masters' reads the sign on his entrance.
The Buddha saying, 'Be a light unto yourself', if imbibed, has tons of veer bhav.
Khalil Gibran said, 'Your children come through you, not from you.'
Ramakrishna , when he met an old woman who had lost all her family to a flood, was overcome with ecstasy, and said, 'You are so so fortunate.'
Ramana Maharishi, when he met Poonjaji who claimed that 'Krishna plays with me', asked him, 'And where is Krishna now? What comes and goes cannot be real.'
Ramesh says,'Live your life without blaming or condeming anybody.'
Kabir says,'There's no water, no boat, no boatman is there.'
enough definitions, Vikram? :)

Veena Sabhahit said...

Dearest Manju,
Thanks for this. Just wanted to tell you that there is so much truth in serving if and when you love someone/ something. Mere words of "I love you" seem so hollow in front of a dal/subji made with my husband and son in mind.Fulfilling inside out!!!