Monday, October 1, 2007

Flowers at her feet

So rarely, does love meet worship. If I could draw a wen diagram of the two, then the dark area where the two mingle, would be the experience of Uma Trilok's, Amrita-Imroz, A Love Story.

This little book is printed with the ink of courage. Imroz is a heart made brave and clean by love for Amrita, Amrita herself is a tall woman, and to love them both together, and then to write about it, is the loyal tiger, Uma.

There are four ways to read this love story.

If you like paintings, you can see the brush Imroz has dipped in paint that never dried, as he paints and paints the woman with a mind.

If you like Punjabi, even if you don't understand a word of it, you will feel it earthing the three bulbs, Amrita, Imroz and Uma.

If you like poems, you will memorize the poems, so that you may sing them on a cloudy, rainy day. You might even translate them to your mother tongue.

If you like photographs, you will wonder if the photographer was a filmmaker, or did these two really lead such enchanting lives.

Then, of course, if you like reading and breathing deep after every page and sometimes, just closing your eyes and breathing. And letting the tears flow.

'What do you like most of Amrita?' Uma asks Imroz.
'Her presence.' He replies.

Amrita is not well. Uma gives her healing sessions. Amrita asks Uma to recite a poem.

Patte mere ghar aaye
Chandni mein dhule Geet bunte,

Patte mere ghar aaye

Patte yoon hi bane rahe perh par Phir bhi,
jhankte, langhate

Khirkee ki dehri paar kar
saamne ki deewar par
Dheeme sahme se dolte

Patte mere ghar aaye.

As Uma finishes her poem, Amrita holds her hand and says, 'Uma, how could you feel the pain, the parting, the friendship and love of the leaves?'

When Amrita is burning on the pyre, Imroz stands in a corner, away from the others, watching.
Uma goes to him and says, 'Don't be sad.'

'Why should I be sad? What I could not do, nature did.

I could not free her from her physical pain. But, nature has freed her.

A soul broke away from her body, to become free again.'

If one can learn to love the soul, death is transcended. A loved one is gracefully allowed to fly away.


Henri said...

Book reviews more often than not tend to be critical, and gives no glimpse into the crtic's life. But when you blog a book, it means it has touched u in some way! It also is a window into the person's psyche, the one who writes about a book she/he loves. And it is this honesty that makes you want to read the book, and not the book itself. A lovely, honest and refreshing book review. Opinionated, and transparent, I like.

Irene said...

Thats so touching and beautiful. Nicely written pal.

kalpana said...

I'm going to ask my brother to read this. He has recently lost his wife. Maybe he'll be able to realise that she too has been relieved of all pain!