Thursday, October 18, 2007

Questions that muddle.

'Aai, open your mouth,' says my brat, instead of drinking his milk.


'I want to see your tongue.'

I oblige.

'No, open wider. I want to see that tongue, the small one that hangs upside down.'


'I still can't see it. It's dark in there.'

'You need a torch. Go get my mobile.'

Runs from room to room. 'Cant find it.'

Runs to the kitchen, asks the cook to call my cell.

Ears open, the kid runs from room to room again.

Ears open, I sip my tea. The cook cocks his head, holding his cell.

No bells jingle. Now I am alarmed. 'Look under my pillow, ' I say.

Its not under the pillow, nor under the rajai, nor have the sheets hidden my mobile.

'Aai's mobile phone is lost.' he announces, rather happily.

'Shut up. Let me think.'

'Ok, think.'

'It must be on the silent mode. Where did I see it last? Last night, it was in my trouser pocket. Where are my trouser's? In the washing bucket?'

Both of us run into the bathroom, the cook follows. There is a double bed sheet under my pant, which has soaked all the water, and, thank God, my mobile is dry and alive.

Back at the dining table. My tea has gone cold, my heartbeat is still fast.

'Open your mouth,' the brat orders, flashing light up my nose.

I oblige.

'I can see it! It is moving! Yuk!'

'Right. Now will you drink your milk? You are getting late for school.'

He points the light to himself. 'Aai, see mine, no.'

'Ok. Say aaaa.'


'Yup. Its cute, your little tongue. Now drink your milk.'

'Aai, why is it upside down?'

'I don't have the foggiest idea. Now drink your milk.'

'What's it for?'

'To yell at you with! NOW DRINK YOUR MILK!'

And thus ends the early morning anatomy class.


Prayas Abhinav said...

that little tongue is actually for shouting, right? its called the tonsil no?

Vikram Madan said...

That is so sweet. Reminds me of what I used to do when I was a little child!

Thanks for your comments at my blog on 'the illusion of do-ership'. I recently read Ramesh Balsekar's book 'The Ultimate Understanding'. It is a phenomenal book. Wonderful.

I would love to meet him, perhaps I will, when I visit bombay.


Anonymous said...

its called uvula ;)
thts such a sweet story ...
god bless the mom n child with more n more such explorations n hence stories:)

anja said...

its good to knowI am not the only person who pts my mobile in the wash consistently! i love the whole story of your morning with your son, very engaggingly written..running with his ears open=)

Oka the irrepressible said...

This is cute and funny !! :)