Monday, February 11, 2008

A dream flying away...

Was it not King Janaka who went nuts trying to answer this question : Am I the butterfly who is dreaming that I am a King?

In my dream last night I told myself that I must blog this. That this is as true as it gets.

I was flying, well, not exactly. There was a rope attached to the top of the building, and I was swinging, like spider man, all over the place, with grace, confidence, and, utter joy.

Then, within the dream, arose a memory, in the shape of another dream, of a past where I have flown over clouds, sans rope. All it took was intent, and up....I bounce, tree-tops tilting down.

Flying dreams are gifts, hugs from the dream angel. I wonder if I will ever meet him to say thank you.

I did meet his sister yesterday, when I was watering plants on a large plot of land in the university campus. Maybe he was also around, and heard my singing...

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Rajashree said...

Changu Mangu,

You are a poet. Why don't you post some of your poems on your blog?