Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The girl wiith black hair

This painting reminds me of a sketch I studied during the FTII days. It was a sketch of an old woman and young woman in one. A change in perspective, and the image transforms. I remember what the young woman looked like, also the older woman, but I cannot visualize them together.

This black hair girl is all cinema. Scroll down slowly and see how your perspective tracks back.


bt_crist said...

it's all related to the chemical presence in our brain.

how v take it n how not.

no doubt, the perspective u 've taken is nicely poignant by d pic u posted.

bt_crist said...

hey grass hopper,

ur artistic writing abt tales n it's crafting is awesome.

do pay a visit to my blogs n 've ur say; if u wish so.


bye then
adieu for now.

bt_crist said...

yeah, scientifically u r perfectly true.
but v can definetly control our mind...
let me giv an example: wat's dis resolution for?
wat's d nirvana for?
scientifically v cant hinder this, but spiritually atleast can do so.
disclaimer: plz don take my stuff so seriously, i happen to be a bit of freak.
but, yeah, plz keep it conti... atleast for sharin of ideas n all.