Friday, November 21, 2008

Love on T V

I watched this 'T V Interview in Seattle' video twice. Once for Swami Nityananda. And the second time I couldn't help falling in love with the interviewer.

To begin with, she is such a contrast to the Indian swami, with her cropped hair and blusher and her awkwardness and her questions. But what was so cute was to see Swamiji's magic work on her. She is smitten, bitten, kitten.

She tries her best to talk smart, but her emotions just gush out.
Especially when she says, 'What does one think about all the sufferings of the world..the babies dying, the old dying,....What do you think of it all?'

And in the end, she just looks at camera and sighs something unintelligible, 'Looking into his eyes, all that love was so incredible...'

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JOY said...

great watching this video