Monday, November 17, 2008

Shridi Sai's dhuni

I have a sai baba temple nearby. I like to walk barefoot twice a day, so I visit the temple. These days the lights go off at precisely seven to eight, so I take my evening walk at the same time. Walking past the temple, I love looking at the flickering lamps against the dark night.

During the ASP course I attended a few days back, we were introduced to a meditation technique that opens the ajna chakra. We sat in the dark, eyes closed, concentrating on the point between the eyebrows. After a few minutes, we opened our eyes and looked at a flickering lamps flame. Then we closed our eyes again.

Nityananda says there is not a single religion that does not have a technique to open the ajna chakra. And I remember the dhuni, the continous fire that Shirdi Sai Baba used to sit and stare at, all his life.


Srikanth said...

Bumped into this Blog from Arunachala Grace.
It's a common belief that Sai used Dhuni as a pedagogy to exemplify the process of Burning Ego and the Transient Nature of Physical World.
I am not a buff of Chakra Meditations but they have their own place.
Eckart tolle's (Power Of Now) Inner body awareness is a great technique to feel Non-Physical Spiritual Current 'I AM'.
Meditations are Subjective, Just thought I'd Share.
Great to Find another blog about Arunachala.
God Bless,

Grasshopper said...

Dear Sri,
Yup, transient nature and ego were the two words used to describe ajna chakra, by Swami Nityananda. I didn't care much for chakra meditation either till I met him. Did you know that he was born in Tiru?
Inner body awareness ultimately leads to discovery of chakras so why not simply trust the master and become aware of your chakras and heal your self?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Do you live in Tiru?

Sri said...

Dear Grasshopper,
I Live in Chennai and visit Arunachala once every month to connect with the Mountain and the Great Master Ramana.
Many Gurus including Ramana believe that Activation of Chakras could make a Human being more one dimensional.
Whatever technique one uses the Aim is quieten the noisy mind then God fills in.
There must be someone (A conceptual I or Identity) to feel energy emanating from Chakras.
When I feel my Inner Energy I use Ramana's Path to look for Source of Thoughts. Momentarily it takes me to a higher plane until the momentum from thoughts pull me back.
I am happy with this Technique.
Btw, How do i Call you? I feel grasshoppers are Eerie. Just Kidding :)

Grasshopper said...

Dear Sri,
If grasshopper's scare you, call me Manju.
Yes, Chakras, Kundalini are all considered sidy by the puritans. Ramana has said 'you dont need to awaken the kundalini for enlightenment to happen' but you must realise Ramana talked to people personally. This person who asked might have become obsessed with Kundalini.
The meditation technique Ramana that Ramana taught, to bring attention to the space in the heart two fingers to the right of the centre, me thinks it is heart chakra he was talking about.
Anyway, each to his own.
I have recently started chakra meditation and I am feeling ten years younger, and I am falling more and more in love with Swami N.
What do you do for a living?

sri said...

Dear Manju,
Yes, these Meditations revitalize the body and you certainly feel younger and at peace. Ramana said Kundalini and Self are one the same.
We humans except a few awakened Souls are unaware of Latent Power Inside us. It's quite fun to Channelize your energy for a specific thought or desire when you see the distance between Intention and Manifestation narrowing down. It can make someone obsessed with a particular trait. That could be a turn off in the Master's Purview, I guess. Life is a Journey of discovery so these meditations have their place and aid one to go the next level. They certainly help us to Love Life, to Love ourselves more.
I am an Assistant director learning the nuts and bolts of Film making, I also assist in Screen Writing.

Grasshopper said...


Would you like to make a film on the mountain?
If yes, please write in your email address. Don't worry, I wont publish that comment.