Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is not a review. I am simply chewing the process of film watching.

During the weekend wash we were told that blessed are they who live without a TV. I not only not have a TV at home, we live miles away from the theaters. So the only option is the occasional CD/DVD.

The reason that moving pictures are bad for us, we were told, is because anything more than 6 frames per second, the brain cannot process. It goes directly into the subconscious. It is like dream state, without awareness.

One way of getting out of the dream is to take a break every ten minutes of movie watching.

Another way is to blog a review after every film I see, whether I liked it or not. That way I at least get to know what went in.

Wednusday is a kadak movie. A common man becomes a terrorist. Well, not quite. He punishes only the deserving, not the public. Not through trial, but by a neatly planned blackmail strategy, in which the baddies are bombed.

Looking at it blogicaly, it does not seem the politically correct thing to do. We are a democracy, everyone deserves a trial. This is a basic human right that should not be questioned.

But when I was watching the film, I wanted the common man to succeed, I wanted to see them vilians all dead, and the common man to go scot free.

I, who blogs about 'talking to terrorists,' when I heard the terrorist introduce himself thus : 'Gujarat 2002. Fakr hai!' (I was a party to the violence in Gujarat in 2002, and I am proud of it.), I wanted him dead. Then and there. I had no desire left to talk to him.

However, we are talking about film viewing here. I wouldn't pull the trigger on a real man. Or would I?

More important, what effect will this film have on my child? I put him off to bed immediately after the film got over. Next time, I should ask him what he understood from a film.

Indeed, we are blessed that we don't have to worry about this everyday.

Having said all this, Wednesday is a chakachak movie. Naseer has done a brilliant job, as usual. His transformation from the terrorist to the common man holding a plastic bag full of vegetables is effortless. The adrenalin rush was non-stop.

But yes, I do feel like seeing a Shahrukh singing to a kajol.

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Irene said...

I saw the film and liked it despite the loopholes and technical glitches. Its a much hated film at the wisdomtree site!