Monday, March 30, 2009

a doctor in the making?

Was it just a few months ago that I mentioned to a friend that I would have preferred a girl to my brat? Because my little boy sometimes waves the angel wings and I better take note before I forget.

A few nights ago, I went to bed earlier than the boys, not feeling too well. After an hour, I yelled at hubby,
'I cant sleep. Come here and talk to me.'

Hubby sent the baccha, who was watching Madagascar on my comp, to put me to sleep.

'You cant sleep? I will play the flute for you.' he said sweetly.

For two three minutes I endured air currents blowing into my ear as Pavdu played the flute sitting on Papas pillow. I was so touched that I didn't have the heart to tell him to move the flute away from my face.

Then he lifted an eyelid to make sure I was asleep and bounded off back to his movie.

Yesterday we spent the day in Swami Nithyananda's ashram. As we passed the cow shed on the way to the temple, Pavan wanted to go meet the baby cow.

'Please Ai, lets go inside no.' The heavenly smell of gobar enticed me but I refused.

'I am telling you Ai, if you touch the bachada, all your pains will be over'.

'Really? Who told you that?'

'Nobody told me. I just understood.' he said. I laughed all the way to the temple, as he skiped along.

Behind the temple is a massive six hundred years old Baniyan tree, a place of intense healing and beauty. I hugged a branch and felt my heart beating rhythmically, in tune with the universe.

'Ai, excuse me please.' he interupted me.

'I will not excuse you. Please keep quiet here. Cant you see people are meditating?'

'That lady is touching the tree with her head. She is not meditating.' he pointed out.

'She is praying, which means she is talking to God. It aint easy to talk to God. We shouldnt disturb her. Got it?'

'Got it.'

He explored the place as I lay down under the tree, waves of bliss floating through my being.

'Ai, look at this leaf.' His face loomed below the green canopy.

'Mmm. Its very soft.'

'Eat it. It will cure your stomachache.'

'Who told you?'

'Tch. Noone told me, Ai. I understood. Now eat it. I have washed it clean.'

To shut him up, I ate the little thing. It didnt taste bad, the Baniyan leaf. If the tree is a healing energy , its leaves cant hurt, I reasoned. And the next half hour, the boy was busy collecting the fallen leaves and putting them in the bag. And left us to talk to God in relative silence.

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Smita said...

Your son us a sweetheart :-)