Friday, March 13, 2009

Guru Bhakti is class seventh

'Why do some Gods appear to be vengeful? Why do we have some Goddesses with four hands? Why worship clay images? '

Most of us have had these questions bugging us sometime or the other. I just found a you tube video of Swami Nithyananda that answers these questions and more.

The conveniences of being devoted to a God over a Guru. :)

{ A few days ago, I had gone to attend the last concert of the Kabir Festival held in Bangalore. I had missed the earlier concerts because I was doing the NSP. A friend asked me,

'How come YOU missed Kabir?'

'I was doing something better!' I replied.

'What can possibly be better than Kabir?' he marveled, hopefully.

This video is the answer, my friend.}

The essence of Shri Ramakrishna's teaching: When, hearing the name of Hari or Rama once, you shed tears and your hair stands on end, then you may know for certain that you do not have to perform such devotions as the sandhya anymore. ( The Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna, volume 1, page 77, chapter 1, Master and Disciple.)

How Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi cured a disciple of Guru-addiction.

A spiritual syllabus of different standards. Neatly classified. So good to know I am in the seventh standard. Which class are you studying? Or have you skipped school altogether?


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JKD said...


I thought I was crazy when i found I cry everytime i am in a temple hearing an aarti, or the bells ringing, or folding my hands and bowing my head....

But its nice to c others feel the same....

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