Friday, April 17, 2009

A flute, a song, and some words

The mumbai launch of A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage happened day before yesterday. The reason why I havent blogged it yet was I was waiting for some exclusive snaps .

This hug by Chetan was his hello to me. Chetan was really natural at the discussion on the dias.
He asked me a few questions which I answered the classical spiritual way: I dont know.
So I will answer them now.
'This book,' he said, 'read very well. It was really interesting to see how a woman's mind jumps around. You know, it is a big mystery. How does a womans mind actually work? Or why is a woman like this? So unpredictable?'
'I dont have the faintest idea, Chetan.' -is what I said.
this is what I should have said:
'Once, there was a man who opened a bottle and out popped a genie.
'Ask for a boon. Whatever you want.' the genie said to the man.
The man thought for a while and replied,
'You know, I have this fear of flying, and I just cant get myself on a plane, because of which I lose a lot of buiseness. It would be so convienient if you could make a nice long flyover from Mumbai to Calcutta, where only I can drive.'
'A flyover from Mumbai to Cal? Are you mad? Do you know how much work that is? How many bories of cement? Please, can you please ask for something else? ' said the stressed out genie.
'Ok, cool, no worries. Here is my second request. You know, I have been married twice and I still cant figure out how a womans mind works. Can you like give me a map, a guideline of how a woman might behave in different circumstances?'
The genie thought deeply for a while and answered , 'This flyover you wanted, do you want a double lane one or a single lane will do?'
On a serious note, though, I dont identify myself too much with being a woman, so I really didnt have an answer to this question, Chetan.
This pic below is the proof of the launch. The shortest one in the center is me. On my left is Chetan Bhagat, on his left is Rajat kapoor. On my right is Tisca Chopra and then Purab Kohli. We are all holding copies of the Grashopper.

'This is how a book launch should be.' was a comment from Chetan that was an icing on the cake.
More pics will be uploaded as soon as I get them.
Meanwhile read this article about a barefoot grasshopper that appeared in mid-day.


JOY said...

your sis pic is also needed here on this post.

it is woman's mind only which can create kalidas , tulsidas .....

because a man's mind thinks linear, woman's mind thinks in multidimensional fold. so a man ends up being kalidas, tulsidas....

and as such it is human physiology it is a woman only who can feel the feelings in multidimensional ways...

and thus in the history of human evolution man ends up being king to please the queen.

Smita said...

It was the 1st book launch event I had ever attended and trust me it was one of the most wonderful experience I have ever head.

I must say that I was specially floored by Chetan's sense of humor, in fact I guess it was me n u who were openly chuckling at his jokes.

I wud most probably writing a post on it :) but trust me it was lovely to meet you and it was a beautiful event :)

Banno said...

I feel so sorry for myself that I missed it. You look lovely in your white sari.