Friday, April 3, 2009

why marry?

'Animals enjoy all the pleasures freely. Then why should we marry and suffer? '

To this question, Swami Nithyananda answers, and explains how a deep friendship can replace lust.

Man and animal are born polygamous but Man (if he is lucky) can have the choice to die monogamous. How? By marrying, of course.

Lust is more or less a psychological need for confirmation of love. Once you are convinced that this person will love you no matter what, lust reduces.

If you are wondering why did you ever marry, this is a good talk for you. And if you are not married, maybe this will inspire you to marry.


JOY said...

ya man can be animal,
but an animal can not be a man.
God is kind man is bestowed with the best of the mind and freedom that be raavan or ram, be sur or asura , be divine or devil, .....
but do become....
than only the life is fulfilled.
yet naturally always
divine and devil are the so close beings.

SloganMurugan said...

Now that's a very simplistic view. I'm not sure if animals will agree with that. There are monogamous animals including many among us humans prefer to be monogamous.