Monday, April 20, 2009

The Marriage walk

'I was thinking.' Wife says.

'What.'... Hubby.

'what is the source of our convictions.' W

'what'. H

'For example. This hindu -muslim fanaticism. Have you ever really thought about it. About how we form our opinions.'

'What about it.'

'I was chatting with a friend today. G -chatting. And she said that the riots in Gujarat taught the Muslims a lesson.'

'A lot of people think like that.'

'Yes, but what is the basis for this kind of thinking?'

'A lack of education, I think'.

'Oh come on. This friend of mine is quite educated.'

'I don't mean text-book education. I mean intelligently arriving at an opinion.'

'How do we form our opinions? How did you form your opinion?'

'By thinking about it.' he said.

'Really? No, really? Did you ever think that hindus and muslims are brothers and we shouldn't fight, blah blah....'

'Well, I didn't have to think, I just knew..'

'How did you know?'

'What are you driving at? Just tell me what I am supposed to say.' he says.

'Aren't all these ideas inherited? Secular parents breed secular children. And a secular spouse ...

'Ok, I acknowledge. All my thoughts, ideas, I acknowledge to you and to my parents. Now can I go back to my comp?'



Smita said...


I think that sometimes we ourselves are responsible for our believes n thoughts!!!!

JOY said...

the beliefs , the thoughts
are patterned.
as they define the length of evolution possible.

something like a green tree when sapling so soft and tender, it grows than it becomes stiff , andit can not bend.

Henri said...

Agree with Smita on this one and with your husband, Manju. What one sees around and how one makes sense of it will determine the bend of her/his opinions. I know my father feels it's a woman's job to look after the house, and his needs. I don't believe that, even though my mother complied to that belief all her life...It is a very complex web of parents, friends, education, but without the thinking mind, we're all lost.

Banno said...

Well, thinking for one self may supercede what one's parents or spouse thinks, don't you think?

Grasshopper said...

As titled, this post was about the lack of meaningful communication while being married to a geek.

How come none of you got the joke?

Rajashree said...

I got the joke! First time round only. Hehehe!