Saturday, May 9, 2009

all the money in my bank

Yesterday I did something I shouldn't have. I went out of the house to buy veggies. I don't remember taking my cell along, so I cant say I shouldn't have done that. I don't remember talking on it, holding it at all. I certainly don't remember keeping it in with the spinach or the brinjals or the carrots for company.

But that is what must have happened, for the constant companion is gone missing, believed dead. After hunting for it till the lights went out, I sent an sms to it,

"Whoever finds this phone, please return it to this address xxx. I will give you Rs.500. Thank you. May God bless you."

(Don't laugh, this has worked once. My sweet considerate neighbor in Ahemedabad had added, 'I am in great difficulty. Please help me.' And I found the mobile in my scooter the next day!)

My sister told me to send the same sms in Hindi, and in Kannad. But I was too heartbroken to make the effort.

I mourned all night. Then a sweet little voice called me this morning, that opened my heart to bliss. He said,

'Ai, when I come to Bangalore, we will take out all the money in my bank account. And we will buy you a new phone, ok? '

Needless to add, the voice belonged to my sweetu kuttu bachhu.

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Smita said...


So So cute & sweet of him :-)