Saturday, May 2, 2009

the first splash

Tring tring. 'Hello, Mum'

'Guess where I am.'

'At the swimming pool?'


'Pavan is in the water?'

'Yup. The first day.'

'Listen, Mum. The brat is not scared of water. And he doesn't know how to swim either. Its a dangerous combination. Put some fear into him. Please. Tell him he can drown. No, no. Dont tell him that. Tell the instructor that this boy is dangerous.' I babble, scared shit.

'Dont worry, darling, I am standing right beside him.'

Thankfully, Mum swims. I relax.

'Ok. What is he doing?' I ask.

'He is splashing water with his feet, holding the edge. The first step.'

'How sweet. How does he look? Take a photo no please.'

How I wish I was there with him. Inside the pool. Holding his wet slippery belly up. Yelling at him not to splash water in my face.

Imagine. Next I meet him, my kid will have learnt to swim! All thanks to mum.

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Banno said...

He must be having so much fun!