Friday, May 1, 2009

a homeopath reviews A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage

This review had me tickled pink. A good friend, an online homeopathic doctor who is always willing to prescribe medicines through the chats, has written his thoughts on my book, A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage.

A Grasshopper's Piligrimage,..... one journey over

I wanted to finish the novel slowly, and i wanted to comment with wisdom. But I finished the novel in 6 hours and I am commenting with no wisdom.

He begins. But, as always, I got the real meat out of him through some probing.

Here is the rest of it.

When I wrote this book, I used the word 'screw' to denote that our role in life is like a screw, it is small, not very important, rather, not all that special, replicable, basically, something without any idea where it is or why is it going from here to there.

Something without much value, maybe a little irresponsible, in fact, it is totally irresponsible as it has surrendered the notion of doership to existence.

Just tell me one thing doc. I appreciate your emotion, and thanks for the post, but let me take this opportunity to tease you a bit. If we are all screws, how is one screw better than the other?


Banno said...

Funny review, that one.

JOY said...

good question,
and yes it can have all possible answers ....

one screw can be better than other , but the best will be only one as, it will fit its unique identity only.

human life is unlimited options in the limited time frame of mind. and evolution is
-- realising the capacity of sensation ,
-- further evolution is after sensation capacity to do the needful execution
-- complete evolution is start living more in lesser and lesser amount of time