Saturday, July 25, 2009

Creative use of creative writing

It was Pavan's day today. We started with getting up late, then Alu Paranthas for breakfast, and then home made Pani puri for lunch!

Since morning, he didn't say even once, 'Take this off!'

In the evening when we sat down to study, I asked him to open his rough notebook and write an essay on the happy and the sad things that happened this week.

His teacher has told me to overlook his spellings, just let him write whatever he wants. An alternative way to learn a language by letting him do creative writing. So he asked me the spelling of almost all the words and I patiently repeated them, letter by letter.

'In last week I was happy in Swami Nithyanandas ashram. I was happy when we played under the water and the water was falling from a great height. I also liked to play under the banyan tree and when I met swamiji he was very kind. When the swami touched me on the forehead and I closed my eyes.'

This took about twenty five minutes. Then he couldn't think of what to write about the sad part.
'I felt sad when we didn't go to Esteem Mall last week.' he said.

'But we had Pizza at Domino's didn't we?' I reminded him.

'Yes.' he agreed that the purpose of Esteem Mall was partly fulfilled.

'Try to remember.' I prodded.

'No, Ai, there is nothing sad that happened last week.' he said.

'I want that in writing.' I said, looking the other way so he couldn't see the smile on my face.

'I did not feel sad about anything last week.' he wrote.

Honest to God, children are so so sweet.

I am pasting below Pavan's favorite song, from his favorite movie, Fanaa.

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