Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet feedback to a writing workshop

After the first creative writing workshop, I got the students to write their feedback. When the second workshop got over, I forgot. But a couple of days later, I got a thankyou note from an MBA student, who wore blue nail polish and somehow brought in a dragonfly in all her exercises.

Dear Manju

Thank you for the workshop I have realized my dream, I want to become a writer that’s what am going to do.

Will send you my first story shortly ..


Dragonfly :)


DK said...

Ah! The dragonfly, the thief, the romantic and the existentialist!


Thanks manju for the workshop. I realised 'writers block' is just another fancy term.

- Divya

Pavan said...
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Rachna said...

There was something more than just writing going on in this workshop. In fact, I found the space therapeutic in more ways than one.