Monday, July 27, 2009

need a place to stay in Yehlanka, Bangalore?

I am a grasshopper since birth, I ought to be good at this. On an average, I have moved house once every year. Mostly through different cities, towns. Sometimes back to the same city, town. :) I am a pro at spotting 'to-let' signs on houses. I can pack a house in two days flat. I know the rates of trucks per kilometer. I never cry when I leave a house (though I make it a point to sweep it clean after the truck is loaded).

I feel quite high during the transition time of no roof. In fact, I love that suspended feeling. It is why I shift in the first place. Fear faced is fear overcome.

After I come to a new place, I adjust pretty fast. I catch the red cylendered fellow before my gas runs out. I can even survive the few days of off-line time. My creativity knows no bounds as I keep changing and rearranging the house till I feel too tired to move a book.

I ought to be a pro at this life style choice of moving in and moving out.

For the first time, I am angry with my landlord. He is making it difficult for me to shift out.

Before I move out, he tells me, I have to do the following tasks:

1. Find him a new tenant (where else will he give us back the deposit money from, he says. No, he cannot go to the agent himself, because then he will have to pay him.)

2. Get the house painted. (No, he cannot help me find a painter. Not even if I pay him.)

He tells me this is part of the contract. Now I am wondering if this is a Banglorean trait, or this uncle specializes in this brand of laziness.

Anyway, if any of you know anyone who wants a spacious, two bedroomed ground floored place in Yehlanka New Town, Bangalore without paying brokerage, do get in touch.

Apart from the above quirk, Uncle is quite a non-interfering sort most of the time. He will make sure your water tank is full, he will only yell if your water tank (the one above) is overflowing.

Just bring with you a painter and its a deal.

Or friends please tell me where all to post my plea on the net. I am lazy too.


meeta said...

take a chill pill to begin with madame...all will fall in place!

kalpana said...

put up a "to let" sign on the house with your phone number added to it.

prayas said...

and yes if the "uncle" is asking to find a tenant even if we give him a month's notice - he needs to be kicked in the #$%. seriously - that kind of laziness is not even legal.

Anonymous said... you canput up free listings

Anonymous said...

Haha! Was the misspelling Yehlanka a Freudian slip, considering the situation you find yourself in?

Grasshopper said...

I could write another post on the spelling confusion over Yelahanka, Yehelanka, or my favourite, Yehlanka. This fellow has different spellings everywhere: On the phone, in the electric bill, on highway boards, there is a Shakespear everywhere.

No, Annon, it wasn't a Freudian slip, it was a Shakesperean one.

L said...

Hi! First time commenting here..I bumped into your blog as I was browising about Swamiji...I am a devotee as well..I live close to Yelahanka too, in Jakkur..
Why dont you try putting up your ad in Sulekha classifieds? I think many people do look in there...

Best of luck to find a tenant soon!


Vikram Madan said...

Hi Grasshopper,

You write:

(though I make it a point to sweep it clean after the truck is loaded).

That is amazing, indeed! You deserve an award for this.