Monday, May 2, 2011

Malwa Yatra page B

Interview with makeshift band:

After singing till 4 a m, the next morning I pounce upon the makeshift band for an interview.

Look, Niraj says, 'Leave us alone. We haven't even brushed our teeth yet.'
'Then brush your teeth, guys. You want some toothpaste? '

Five minutes later, M: So you want to sing only Kabir?'
N: Yup.
M: hmm. Kaafi gehri chot hui hai.
N: chot to hote hi rehti hai.
m: mere paas ilaaz hai is chot ka.
n: sach?
m:Sau takaa sach. aazmaoge?

at this point sunny starts shining.

s: lets sing for her.
they sing me a song.
its beautiful.

night satsang;

makeshift band is called to sing last, at 3 30am. I walk to the bus to wake them p. I have to bribe N with a cigarette to get him off his ass.

i walk into the audience, between the entire janta and the stage, as Prahladji introduces makeshift band, joking about how these new people take so much time with their new instruments.

I offer my bottle of water to Sunny and I roll it on the stage towards him. he drinks the water, I get busy picking up flowers from the floor below, from the garlands of the night.

As they start singing, I hurl a bunch of flowers at them.

(to be continued in page c )

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Banno said...

Am enjoying the yatra by proxy. Thanks for posting.