Wednesday, May 4, 2011

malwa yatra page d

Mukhtiar Ali: Mukesh is my favorite singer. He sings straight, almost toneless. Look at this song, its almost like a conversations, its so simple.

Have you ever noticed that in all these singing competition programs on tv, no one ever sings Mukesh? Thats because the simplicity in Mukesh's singing is very deceptive. He is not an easy singer to sing. He is good for listening, for crying, thats all. And that is his style.

Me: I have heard Mukesh most when I was seventeen years old. I used to spend entire evenings all alone, crying and listening to Mukesh.

friend: Why did you cry but?

Mukhtiar : She was seventeen years old, now, why would she cry?

freind : not because of the inflation, surely.

All of us laugh. Here is a lovely song by Mukhtiar Ali.

Friend: So how many times have you made people cry?

Mukhtiar: I haven't kept a count, but yes, that is the true clap.

I: And do you cry while you sing?

Mukhtiar: Oh, I cry a lot. mein to bahut rota hu.

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ecstaticgaucho said...

Lovely. Unadorned as you say.