Friday, September 11, 2009

Growing Down: Songs of Childhood and Play

Sick of growing up? Sing about growing down!

Are you a young musician in spirit (or body) seeking out new musical forms to marry poetry with rhythm? Are you seeking patient listeners who don’t shy away from raving and ranting and expect the world from you? And finally are trying to figure out your place in this world?

We want your music.

Calling all musicians to submit their tracks about kids, play, growing up, remaining a child, kids, play, play spaces, growing up, remaining a child, education, neighborhood, child rights, games, childhood friendship, nostalgia, wonder, innocence.. Win an opportunity to have your song released in an album which will get a wide-range of critical and peer exposure!

SUBMIT NOW!, go to:

Growing down is a compilation of music inspired by the fragmented conversations we have with the child within us. As adults the disconnect we feel from the people and spaces around us often suffocates our spontaneity. Cultivating the spirit of wonder and giving it opportunities to guide us can be an enlivening experience. Have these ideas crossed your mind?
The selected 15 tracks will be compiled into the ‘Growing Down’ album which will be released online and on a CD along with our partner labels. The album, besides receiving insane amounts of attention, will reach music lovers nationally and internationally. And, of course, you can expect lots of love from us.

CitySpinning (CS) is a series of urban and community interventions, which look at expanding the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces. Spaces which have the potential of playing a discursive, social and playful role. This album compilation exercise is an outcome of our engagement with children and the city, and the curatorial theme of the Spirited Caravans project. The project is looking at reimagining urban neighbourhood for children and play. This invitation is an initiative of Prayas Abhinav and Tanvi Srivastava at CS. More about them here:

Submission guidelines

> Please send us your own music only. Piracy is cool, plagiarism is not.
> Send us mp3s, we will ask for a CD later
> Don’t forget to license your track under Creative Commons India Share Alike by ticking the box in the form.
(This means your music if selected to be on the album, can be shared and remixed freely as long as it is for noncommercial purposes and as long as your band is attributed as its creators. The creative commons license works within the scope of the copyright law and just seeks to expand on the range of “fair uses” available for the world to build on.)

Deadline: September 30th, 2009

Prizes and Judges

> A Party
> Love
> Peace
> Album (of course)

The judges will be us (Prayas + Tanvi) and our friends. And we are not really corruptible.


Phone: 9035285996 (Tanvi)

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