Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't blame the Congress

More than the inflation, what worries me is the result of next years polls. The way everyone is going on and on about the rise in prices, Congress might get ousted by the BJP.

Manmohan Singh may not be a flamboyant Prime Minister, but he is a good man. The Congress has waved tons of loan of the farmers. Where are they going to get this money from? All they have done is to remove the governments subsidy on oils.

Every few years, inflation has to happen. Our earning capacity is also increasing, so why blame the Congress?

I am aware that it might not be as simple as this. But I really hope that the Indian public does not swing to vote for the saffron party just because they don't want to spend more on necessities.

If we want India to shine, why should the farmers stay in the dark?


aditya said...

a good comment and i agree with u.

Rajashree said...

I share your hope that the BJP doesn't come back to power.

I think that they had to increase the price of oil not because of the govt removing the subsidy, but because of the price of crude oil going sky-high in the international market.