Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let life flow

This is the second news update on Ramesh Balsekar's health.

And this time, it is second, not third person account. Sanjay Inaamdar just called me from Mumbai to say that he just met Ramesh in the hospital and he is doing very well.

He is out of the ICU, he was sitting on his bed, walking about, and he talked with visitors for about twenty minutes.

And when the nurses came in and asked him how he was, he asked them back, 'That you should tell me. You know my reports.'

And a couple of minutes ago, I got an SMS from Rupa, saying 'Ramesh is doing well and will start talks by month end.'

Here is another video of Ramesh, a western rendering of one of the bhajans we sing at the end of the satsang.

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