Friday, June 13, 2008

'I am old enough now',

said my seven year old, as we walked back home from his school bus.

'I am old enough to cross the road by myself. You don't have to drop me to the bus stop every morning. All we talk about is how to spell August and how to spell September. As it is, I spend all day at school. Why should I study when I am not in school? I like to look around, at the different yellow buses that take other kids to school. I like to look at the other kids waiting for their buses.'

'Yes, you are right. These things are also important.' I said. 'Even I like to see yellow buses. Can I come with you to see the yellow buses?'

'If you must come, we should talk about things I like to talk about. '

'Ok, done. We will talk about things you like. So what did you do in school today?'

'I picked up these dry wooden pieces from the forest near our school.'

'Yeah, they are nice. What are you planning to do with them?'

'I will paint them, then give them to my friends.' he told me.

'Good idea.' I said.

'Ai, do you know how to cook food in the open?' he jumps to the next thought.

'I know, but you tell me.'

'Well, first you take three bricks, and put them like this, like this and like this, and then you put some wood pieces in between the bricks, pour some petrol over it, and light a fire. Simple!'

I stopped in my tracks.

'Don't tell me you lit a fire in the forest near your school?'

'No, Ai, we just talked about it.'

'Talk all you want. But don't ever do it without adults, ok?'


'And what happened to your cough?'

'Its gone!'

'Good. Where did it go?'

'I don't know where it went, but I know how it went'.

'Ok, Tukru. How did your cough go?'

'There is a puppy in my school. I touched the puppy and my cough just went.' he explained.

'I see. It was a divine puppy was it?'

'No, it was black and white.'


Samir Sanghavi said...

I love the fragrance of earth in your posts.

Banno said...

Wow, he has a forest by his school. Lucky Pavan. I totally agree with him, he ought not to have to study outside school.