Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The progress of the toothpaste

Once upon a time, when I was a green college student, during a film appreciation class in the Film Institute, I told Professor Chabria,

'Sir, I don't think advertisements have any effect on the masses.'

'I see. So why do you think advertisers spend so much money on ads?' He looked pained. I think he was planing to talk about effect of colors on the subconscious mind or something.

'I don't know, they are wasting their money, it seems to me.'

This post is a belated, written apology to Prof Chabria.

This morning, the pre-school bedlam is like any other morning. Me shouting at the brat to hurry up every two minutes as I cook and pack his lunch.

'Ai, come here for a minute!' he shouts from the bathroom.

I take his towel and go to the bathroom. He is full of soapy bubbles.

'See my stomach, Ai. See how it is smelling.' he says happily.

'Very nice. You applied shampoo?' I asked.

'No, I put toothpaste. Now my whole body smells nice. Good idea, no?'

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Princess said... innocent and cute your love to Pavan :)