Sunday, August 2, 2009

friendship band wrapped up in a kiss

'Ai, can I have some money to buy friendship bands?' My little one gets me my purse.

'Depends. Do I get one too?'

'Of course. You are also my friend only.' I get a kiss.

'Here's twenty bucks.'

'Thank you, Ai.' And out of the house he runs.

Three and half minutes later, he is back again.

'Ai, I got only seven friendship bands. If any are left, I will give you also one, Ok?' I get another kiss.

And the prattle of the feet takes him out of sight.

Happy friendship day, all of you. I forward one kiss out to the blogosphere, one I keep for myself.


Smita said...

Awww!!! So did u get a band???

Happy Friendship Day to you too :-)

Grasshopper said...

Not only did I get a band, this morning when I went to wake him up for school, he asked me to show him my hand, to check if I was still wearing it!