Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swine Morning

Instead of the alarm ringing, my mobile beeps with a call early in the morning. It's mom.
'Raju called me to tell you not to send Pavan to school today. Swine flu has entered Bangalore!'
Why didn't she call me directly? I think.
'Ok, Ai.' As it is, he was feeling a little warm last night, and both of us have a bad cold, so I let him rest.
But Papa has other thoughts on the matter, not entirely untrue.
'You just want to sleep a little more, that's why you aren't sending him to school.'
'Ya, rite.'

After two minutes, an sms beeps.
'Scientific prevention of Swine flu using household products : 1. Inhale clove oil for one second. 2. Chew 1 clove a day. 3. Eat raw garlic, onion, ginger. 4. Drink hot milk with 2 gm of turmeric. 5. Consume plenty of vitamin C fruits. 6. Use 'Nilgiri oil' on handkerchiefs.
It's from Father-in-law.

Another two minutes, hubby reads out another sms:

Homeopathic remedy for swine flu prevention:
Influenzum 200, 5 pills, three times a day for 5 days.

I get up and tale a swig of oil in my mouth ( for oil-pulling) and go out to get the newspaper.

2 schools shut as student tests positive. Other city institutions in dilemma on giving holiday.

Its a swine morning, isn't it?

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