Saturday, August 1, 2009

Inspired by Love aaj kal: Soulmates talk

We see the late night show of Love aaj kal with friends and then stay overnight at their place. Eyes heavy with sleep, we yapp into the night.
'How did you like the movie?' I ask her.

'Oh, I loved it. I was deeply touched.' she says. I laugh.

'No, seriously. I love the concept of soul-mates. Paulo Cohelo gives a nice explanation in Brida. It seems one soul actually splits into two and becomes two persons. And everyone gets one chance in their lifetime to meet there soul mate. The way you recognize your soulmate is that through him you can see eternity.'


'So do you believe in soul mates?'

'Well, from an advaitic point of view, there is only one soul, so every one is a soul mate. From a creative writers point of view, of course, where would we go for stories if we are to do away with love.'

'And what about the romantic point of view?'

'Oh, I have found my soul mate. (Although I must admit here that God shows me eternity through several other forms all the time, both human and mountain).'

'You did? Where?'

'There on the laptop, the one who is listening to our conversation and pretending to work.'

Hubby walks in and joins us ladies.

'Do you also feel the same way?' my friend asks my hub.

I wait with bated breath for his reply. Meri laaj rakhna, I pray to Rabba.

'Not exactly. We are connected in many ways. But life is too complex nowadays to live with that concept.'

'Like in the movie, it takes a lot of maturity to accept the person in your life as a soulmate. Guys specially, have to undergo a lot of suffering before they surrender.'

Even as I say it, I want to bite my tongue. I spend the entire next day thinking about what hubby said about soulmates. He needs some loving attention, I decide. And walk him to the bus stop the next afternoon.

'Why do you feel that we are not soul mates?' I ask lightly.

'I did not say that we are not soul mates. I just think that this concept is meant for the enlightened types.'

'But Papa, enlightened people are everyones soulmates. Or they can be. It is grihastas like us who need each other to be life long friends.'

'Friend to you are. You are my bestest friend. About that no doubt.' he says, as we near the bus stop.


'Same thing, isn't it? A soul mate is a best friend, no?'

'Well, call it what ever.'

'There comes your big ten.' I point out. Big ten is his favorite bus.

'I'll take the next one. Lets have an ice-cream.'

'Ok. We will share one.'

'We should do this more often.' he says, as I pull the cone off his hand.

'What? Ice-cream? No need, we are both overweight.'

'I meant, you should always come and drop me to the bustop. Everyday.'

Oh, I am so sorry. This was meant to be a review of Love Aaj kal. The frame is too crowded, the editor seems to be paid by Saif to keep him in the frame constantly, the casting director couldnt find a better man to play Rishi Kapoors younger self than Saif, but the structure somehow works.

The new girl opposite the young Rishi- Saif is a wonderful find. Make up man has done well by giving the Sardar Saif a paunch.

Sets are nice. Thankfully there are enough Indian bits, like cycle rickshaws and Trams in Calcutta, to keep us happy back home. Dialogues are also fresh. Situations keep you interested.

Most important, a big thank you to Imtiaz Ali for getting us in the Shringar Rasa and the renewal of dosti on the busstop.


meeta said...

lovedddd it !!! are a born natural writer..

Komal-Nishka said...

Really identify with this post. After such oozing romance movies, this is a question I often ask myself - is my husband really my soulmate?

Sophia Ali said...

Nice post...

Well I also believe that Soulmates may not necessarily be partners...two people who are not meant to be together can also be soulmates...this is my take...

Megha said...

Ohh!! I am confused...seems I need to watch love aaj kal to understand ;)

BTW Congrats for appearing in the Tangy Tuesday pick.

Bragadeesh Prasanna said...

Nicely written. I lovedd it. I hope you would happily drop hubby in bus stop daily :)