Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kannappa:The first eye donor and surgeon

About half-way around the Mountain Arunachala, on the Pradakshina road, is a path that goes in to touch His feet. There is an element of mystery to this path, it is shrouded with trees and one loses sight of the mountain as one goes near Him. After a good kilometer, one comes upon a quiet, and beautiful temple dedicated to someone called Kannappa. They say this is THE most powerful place of the Mountain, because the mountain is Shiva, and here are Shiva's feet, from where the blessings flow.

I always wondered why the best place was in such a remote corner, and why it was given away to this Kannappa.

To make the long story short, Kannappa got this corner because he was an uncivilized, meat eating hunter devotee. He was the best because he performed his own eye surgery, because Shivas eyes were bleeding. He is thus Lord Shiva's eye donor.

Best to hear the story from Swami Nithyananda :

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