Saturday, October 3, 2009

The car is alive

Once there was a car. And another car. They lived together.
They had a race. One cars colour- was red, another ones was blue.
And the red colour car won. Then they went to a beach. They had lot of fun. Then they went to see a movie. It was boring. One day they had a fight.
Both got hurt. Then they said to each ather sorry.
Then they had lot of fun.

by Pavan Abhinav
(almost nine)


Banno said...

Reminded me of the stories my brother used to write, full of people taking Thums Up breaks.

Loved it.

The Ketchup Girl said...

awwwww :). Another story teller in the making. Children see things in such simple light...and then there is a solution, and such a simple one at that, to everything! A big high five to the almost nine year old gentleman.

Chandrama said...

I loved the simplicity of this story. I could actually imagine both the cars living together as man and wife. Sometimes the simplest of things add so much meaning to words. Great going! Keep it up :)