Thursday, October 8, 2009

Only at a Satsang

Where else would you find all these beings sitting together quietly?

1. Beautician who colored my hair in the morning.
2. Old neighbor from downstairs.
3. Pavan's classmate's mom.
4. Creative Writing ex-student.
5. Estate agent who had walked in to ask for his due.
6. Dhobi couple who iron our clothes.
7. A young brahmachari, Maharaj from the Dhaynapeetam Ashram.
8. A Nithya Yoga Teacher.
9. me
10. Swami Nithyananda (in spirit, through photo.)

(I am not including the kids, because they were all over the house, they only came in for the prasad.)


Banno said...

Wonderful list.

SUR NOTES said...


but then thats what separates spirituality from all else. the films i see, the plays i go for, the talks i attend- we are a certain 'type'. There is little connection with 'another'.

that freedom seeking spirituality allows is what your book captured.

Grasshopper said...

Thanks, Sur.
I had a long chat with the estate agent the next day (when I gave him the money) and realized for the first time that even they are human beings.

'I want to make friendship with you people, my customers. This is not just about money, even we get bored when we live just for business.' he said.

He gave me such a sweet smile when I asked him to come back next week for satsang.

L said...

Hi Manju,

Been reading your blog for awhile and had commented once before too..
I was wondering if your Satsang is open to all..Somehow doing Nithya Dhyan when I am alone just doesn't seem to happen!! Where do you hold it and what times usually??

Thanks a lot!

Grasshopper said...

Dear Lakshmi Ma,

Yes, I find a tremendous difference in my practice of nithya dhayaan after I started doing it with others, and its been only twice yet.

Yes, of cource the Satsang is open to all, It happens every Wednesday at 5 30. I live in Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore. Call me at 9945192862 for further details. Please call me. I am also studying the FIMT, in which I have to record the experiences of people doing (or trying to do) Nithya dhyaan.