Monday, November 30, 2009

being physical, is the new spiritual

breathe in and out through the twenty one points of your body: all the twenty fingers and toes, and the top of your head. feel the weight of your body, not the mind. It is the weight of the mind that tires, not weight of the body. Weight of the body refreshes you. (!).

all suffering is suffering. fullstop. do not make your suffering sacred, because then you will not be able to leave it.

all suffering is due to your stupidity. all you need is a little intelligence. ( ! )

here the process is like this: from bliss to bliss to bliss to bliss! fullstop,

whatever low mood you might have is because of you only.

all the techniques and meditations are meant to get you in the physical plane, so that it can be transmitted to you. thats all.

be physical. give up all your ideas of being a soul, light, and what not. relax.

all i need from you, is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. be physical. just be physical. be with the body. continuously breathe in and out through all the twenty one points. (I did this, it is fantastic!) be inside your skin.

visualization and fantasy is the same. humbleness is a refined ego. education polishes the ego.

this body is cooked, boiled and available in the physical plane.

I say this without humility or bragging. I am here to share Jeevan Mukthi.

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