Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bliss Bytes

Deep patience and the decision to wait is what I call surrender.

Don't control your body. Just trust its intelligence.

With pure love, you can awaken even a stone.

If you consciously relax your unconscious, you will transform.

All great shrines are resonant with the Existential energy.

Listening itself can lead to enlightenment.

~Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Chandrama said...

I have been so stressed these days. These bliss bytes have really helped :) Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Preeta, I think I sent in a comment yesterday. Perhaps it did not reach you. Just want to say that the quotes are beautiful! And I especially love the first and last lines. Hopefully the wisdom of these words would truly come into me.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

It seems a lot of his devotees are clinging on to his Messages and Techniques, which is a good place to start with. Doing Yoga, doing this and that!
When the time is ripe, I wish some of them will cling only to his being and not his Techniques.
Techniques promote doership and they are based on Self-reliance, which can actually strengthen the Ego in a new dimension and become a Spiritual Ego aka "I am seeking Enlightenment".
In surrender there is no self-reliance and it's like a dry leaf floating in a river.
When the Guru is SatchitAnand in human form the best way to recieve benediction is to create a direct link with him by remembering him with Gratitude in daily life.
There are teachers and there are Masters, teachers are dime a dozen in Market Place, they give you knowledge while Masters share their Being. I believe Nithy belongs to the latter class though he sounds more like a teacher that gathers crowd now.

Ma Ananda Atmapreeta said...

Dear Anonymous,

You must be very smart, to know the spiritual graph of all of us seekers.
Thank you for your concern.

However, you need not worry so much. Shirdi Sai Baba has said that even if you think of a pole as your guru, you will attain. It is the faith of a devotee that carries him through.

The seekers ego, is something a master can look after. Ramakrishna has said, it is better to feel that 'I am a servant of God ,' than not to have relationship with God at all.

About the crowd factor, did you know how many people came to attend Buddhas sermon? Ten thousand! And this was during those days, of no phones, no Internet, no tv, no population explosion. So we should become millions within the next few years, I am sure.

When you see a crowd, the master sees individuals. He has the capacity, the space to hold every person in his heart. That is why they come. That is why we all feel blessed.

The first thing I do every morning is pull oil. It is a technique for detoxification recommended by Swami, but to me it means, Good morning master.I love doing the meditations, the healing. It keeps me connected.

I just read your comment again and I think your problem is that you feel lost in the crowd. Why don't you attend an ASP or an NSP? Or come to me for a healing.

Swami says that 60% of his being is in the mission. Even writing this comment, I feel his energy, his being.