Sunday, November 22, 2009

when will the saree arize?

This post is for the fashion dadas and dadis. Please consider my request, give it a thought, this might be the next fashion statement.

My grandmother always wore her saree six inches above the ground. My mothers sarees don't sweep the floor either. My uncle gets his trousers stitched six inches above the floor.

None of us ever wear heels, we prefer going barefoot, or as near the earth as possible. We love walking, and we like to walk with our hands free. We like to feel free. We love to run. We like to be open to the possibility of skipping down the stairs.

I like to be able to pick up a babe from the arms of an exasperated mom. I like to put my brat in the hand cart and run. He likes me to chase him around, even though he has proven it time and again that he is faster.

And, I also like the feel of a saree. I love the fact that a saree is an integrated attire, it does not separate parts of the body into fragments.

Then why do people, mostly women, keep telling me to pull down my saree? Do they want me to trip? No? Then why?

If everything else is arising, when will the saree lift itself a little from the shackles of fashion? Trust me, the saree will come back into fashion if it shows a little ankle.


Banno said...

Totally agree. Even though I don't get barefoot, I've always liked the saree worn a little above the ankle, or skirting the ankle.

Chandrama said...

I read your first post, couldn't resist the second one :) Loved your writing style. While reading these lines I could feel the "freeness" (might not be the right term but I like the sound of it). I wish the same for myself at times. To be free, of everything. To swing, jump, fall, run and just BE :)