Saturday, November 28, 2009

Whose dust is it?

Words from the Master

Posted: 27 Nov 2009 02:16 AM PST

Another story:
God and all the scientists of the world had a meeting and a competition.
Whatever item that God made, the scientists reproduced it identically out of some material. The scientists were able to reproduce things with no problem.

Finally, God made man out of dust and challenged the scientists.
The scientists started to pick up dust…
God said, “Wait! Make it out of your dust, not mine!”

Man has to understand that Existence is the creator, the created and the creation. Only then can he simply start enjoying things without a care. Only then can he relinquish possession and doer-ship.

So understand: When you change your attitude from seeking discontentment, worries and depression, to seeking the present with gratitude, you will automatically be able to harness the energy of Existence better. You will then be able to appreciate Existence better and gratitude will then become your attitude.

This excerpt has been taken from the book: Guaranteed Solutions.

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