Sunday, July 6, 2008

A farmer is born

Lord Hanuman, when he saw the mango as a baby, jumped to eat the sun.

'Ai, can I have one more mango?'

'No. Mangoes are expensive, and besides, they are hot.'

'I can solve both the problems.' says my genius.

'How?' I ask.

'Do you know what will happen if I put this mango seed inside the earth?'

'Tell me'.

'A mango tree will come out.'

'Like, immediately?'

'No, we have to put water every day.'

'For how many days?'

'A few days only.'

'Ok, then?'

'Then, we can eat the mangoes, we can also sell the mangoes. We can make money. You both wont have to sit on the computer all day.'

'Then what are we waiting for? Lets plant that mango right away.'


Banno said...

He has some good ideas, this little guy. Nice photos.

Henri said...

Haai mera cutu...! Hmmmm, I will eat him up!

Princess said...

I want Mango form your tree, Paavan... :) so sweet !

Rajashree said...

Kiti god, majha gutbutrush!

anil said...

no guarantee that when mangoes come, pawan gets to eat them and that is nice , pawan, let neighbours eat, or their children or grandchildren ok??